Kirk Ruddell’s Farm

Name of Farmer Kirk Ruddell
Farm County South side of Mendip Hills, Somerset
Size of flock 300
Breed NZ Romney
Heritage of the farm Tenant farmer but the landlord bought the land after the war
Processed UK

Kirk is a dedicated and passionate farmer with a wealth of experience in sustainable and conservation-based farming practices. Despite facing discouragement, he pursued his passion for farming and became a shining example of hard work and dedication. Kirk’s proudest achievement is traveling to New Zealand to learn the art of sheep shearing, which opened up new opportunities for him and expanded his knowledge. His ability to inspire young people to get interested in farming is his most valuable skill. Kirk enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience and is always willing to lend a helping hand. As a result of his dedication, he has earned a positive reputation among his peers and the wider farming community. Kirk is a true asset to the industry and a testament to the benefits of pursuing one’s passions with determination and perseverance.