Mrs Day’s Farm

Name of Farmer Mrs Day
Farm County Somerset
Size of flock 240
Breed Dorset Cross
Heritage of the farm Bought the farm 35yrs ago in AONB
Processed UK

Mrs Day, a seasoned farmer with over 50 years of experience, is renowned for her unmatched stockmanship skills, which she believes are essential to farming. Her farm boasts a stunning landscape with an outstanding view, capturing the beauty of the countryside. Mrs Day prioritizes the well-being of her sheep above all else. She takes immense pride in ensuring their fleeces are free of dags and clean during the three-hour shearing process in mid-May. Although she used to shear the sheep herself, she now relies on contractors for the job. During shearing, Mrs Day ensures the sheep are free from distress by keeping the setup easy and the shearers happy. With her extensive experience and unwavering dedication to her animals, Mrs Day is a true role model in the farming community.